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STEP Academy opens first university specialized in IT-education

Lviv – opened the first higher educational institution in Ukraine specializing exclusively on IT education – private institution of higher education “Computer Academy STEP”.

Applicants will be able to choose from four areas of study: programming, network technologies and cybersecurity, graphic design and development of web-projects, as well as new to our country and very trendy in the world – IoT (Internet of Things). All curricula of high schools designed to meet international requirements and take into account the peculiarities of the modern labor market, and teach practitioners in leading companies of IT specialists in Ukraine.

2Presentation of the new university was accompanied by public discussions of contemporary problems and needs of the local IT ecosystem with the participation of experts. Among the participants of the discussion: Dmitry Korchevskiy (founder and CEO of the Computer Academy STEP), Viktor Voloshin (Rector CHVUZ “Computer Academy STEP”), Andrew Moskalenko (deputy city mayor of Lviv on Development), Janika yardstick (political and social activist, an expert on on angel investments and information society), Stepan Veselovsky (CEO of Lviv IT cluster), as well as representatives of the largest Ukrainian IT companies (SoftServe, ELEKS) and the Department of education of the Lviv regional state administration.

“The value of the company – is people. Unfortunately, talent is not enough. The opening of new schools – it is always good, especially good, it is an educational institution – a private, because it means that it will have freedom. The curriculum of training is very progressive. This applies to both undergraduate and graduate – is the level of the advanced areas of IT development. This will be a major contribution to strengthening the capacity of IT talents and Lvov, “- said Chairman of the Board of Directors Jaroslav Lyubinets SoftServe.

Lviv branch of the Computer Academy STEP became the first private educational institution IT, which the Ministry of Education and Science has provided higher education institutions licensed in the direction of “Information Technology”. Accreditation allows to prepare students for the level of qualification Bachelor and Master. According CHVUZ “Computer Academy STEP” will provide the relevant state diplomas. Also, subject to passing the appropriate courses, applicants will be able to receive international certifications from industry leaders: Microsoft, Cisco, and Autodesk.


“Creating a higher education institution IT direction is a logical continuation of our work, because for more than 15 years we have been actively developing IT training centers all over Ukraine and abroad. I do not have time to think, to choose the Lions for the opening of the IT universities. Dynamics of growth of the IT industry, the initiative that embodies the city with IT companies – a weighty argument in order to understand what IT is to be progress in Lviv.

There are talents, events that attract students to the world of IT companies, where students can practice, there are scientific and technical personnel and voltage-all this suggests that the Lions is a leader in the development of IT, and it shows great potential “, – said the founder, CEO of Computer Academy STEP Dmitry Korchevskiy.

One of the advantages of the private higher education institution “Computer Academy STEP” is to support the industry leaders of Ukraine as EPAM, SoftServe, Global Logic and others. Specialists of these companies are involved in shaping the curriculum, and the best students have the opportunity of practice on real projects. In CHVUZ “Computer Academy STEP” students not only get the luggage actual knowledge, but also learn adaptability, openness to new technologies and self-education. They also gain knowledge on project work, teamwork skills, form the portfolio of projects created under the guidance of experienced mentors and will be trained for interviews and participation in partnerships and grant programs. This will allow them to really prepare for work and find it, not only to get a “crust”.

3Ukrainian IT sector is now in dire need of qualified personnel, who will be able to support and accelerate the pace of development of the industry. We need professionals with relevant skills and knowledge of modern tools and techniques. And CHVUZ “Computer Academy STEP” is ready to help with the solution of this problem – the first full-time students and part-time offices will begin their training in the autumn of 2017. They are already waiting for a modern material and technical base with comfortable classrooms, projection equipment and modern computers with licensed software. Everything you need for an interesting and effective learning process.

“We want to provide a graduate of the University worthwhile product to date, and the most worthwhile – is knowledge. One of the objectives is to train specialists of the new formation. We need to educate leaders who will generate and implement new ideas. Intelligence – is something that should be in front, “- said the rector CHVUZ” Computer Academy STEP “Voloshin.



Computer Academy STEP works since 1999. This is – an international training center that specializes in professional IT – education. Microsoft Authorized Training Center, Cisco, Autodesk. Today open 43 branches in 15 countries (USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Belarus and others), with an enrollment of more than 25 thousand. Students.